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insightsSeptember 20, 2017

Sheri Roder, Horizon's EVP, Chief of WHY,

Leaders from Horizon Media, Turner, The Wharton School's Future of Advertising Program, and...

insightsJune 01, 2017

Research Shows TV Advertising is Still King

In a study published by Neustar commissioned...

insightsMay 19, 2017

Preparing For The Supercycle Of Innovation

Taylor Valentine, Chief Invention Officer, speaks on how to create a culture of innovation

insightsMarch 27, 2017

Case Study: STX Entertainment's Bad Moms Summer Comedy

STX Entertainment and Horizon Media aimed to measure the impact of digital ads on ticket...

insightsMarch 27, 2017

Jordan Decker on The VMVPD: Cable’s Answer To Cord Cutting

Jordan Decker, Associate Director of Video Investment and Horizon Advanced, in...

insightsMay 06, 2016

Horizon Media Survey Finds Growing Anxiety Around Privacy in Wake of Apple vs. FBI Controversy

Strong Majority Say Court Ruling Would Have Set Important Precedent  

insightsMay 05, 2016

Horizon Media Study Finds Beacons Raise Real but Surmountable Privacy Concerns

Consumers Willing to Share Personal Information to Reap Personal Benefits

insightsMarch 08, 2016

Horizon Media Study Finds Two Thirds of Americans Unaware of Virtual Reality Devices

36% Interested in Owning Virtual Reality Device, but 75% Won’t Pay More Than $250

insightsFebruary 17, 2016

Sheri Roder and Kirk Olson Weigh In: Why Do Consumers Increasingly Want to Be Less Connected?

With New York and other cities embracing the concept of the "smart city," making free...

insightsNovember 30, 2015

Holiday Shoppers: Many Looking To Gift Themselves

Holiday shoppers aren't necessarily hitting the stores in order to have presents for...

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You are viewing all posts categorized as insights.