History | Most watched entertainment show in cable history

History’s latest scripted drama, Hatfields & McCoys, is the true American story of a legendary family feud—one that spanned decades and nearly launched a war.

We immersed our target audience in the heat of the feud with a powerful creative idea:  the face-off.

Interior and exterior wrapped buses and subway cars forced riders to choose a side, throwing them into post-Civil war scenery. Side-by-side billboards only ever featured family members across from each other, always facing-off.

In print, we had a first-to-market French door gatefold in Entertainment Weekly, and Vanity Fair as the first entertainment advertiser in their gatefold space in 10 years.

We took over YouTube, branded NYTimes.com and road-blocked fans on IMDB and Hollywood Reporter which all fueled the premiere’s Twitter storm.

We rewrote the history books: with a total viewership of 52MM, the show was the most watched entertainment telecast in cable history.