The continual pursuit of a better way

We drive innovation for our clients and are recognized as an organization that embraces change.  Traditional media, technology providers, venture funds and new start-ups know that our door is always open and come to us knowing that Horizon is a committed partner in building the future.  As you have seen with our social intelligence resources, the Distillery and Blab, we are active investors in delivering greater value for our clients through the adoption of new platforms and technology services. 

Horizon was a pioneer in driving transparency in the world of online display advertising.  We were the first agency to partner with RealVu, a leader in disruptive digital display technology, enabling us to drive efficiencies by identifying and paying for only those display ads that were actually viewed by our target audience. Our ongoing partnership with RealVu has kept Horizon at the forefront of premium digital advertising and online accountability. The agency's fully transparent programmatic trading desk, HX, has partnered with AD/FIN, an independent programmatic intelligence company, to further enhance accountability in programmatic media trading. The partnership provides the agency's clients with an unprecedented level of transparency on digital media activations processed through HX.