Re-inventing a powerful emotional platform

As a medium, audio has more than kept pace with the digital revolution, but if you take a listen to audio marketing, well, that’s an entirely different story. Audio is the number one reach medium with 245 million consumers a month, and provides a direct line to our emotions, moods and memories. It’s a marketer’s dream: the ability to reach people when they are immersed in content. However, audio advertising has lacked the creativity to make the most of these opportunities. Wordsworth & Booth is re-inventing the industry by combining exceptional creative services with a better-informed approach to the medium. Named for first-rate copywriting (Wordsworth) and outstanding production (Booth), W&B provides highly-engaging and effective audio solutions for brands. Wordsworth & Booth is helmed by Tony Mennuto, an industry leader who has seen audio from the creative agency side, the production side, the broadcast side, and the media side. He truly believes in the power of audio and is excited to guide it into the future.